Misconception: Alcohol is forbidden in all forms

Background: Some think that in Islam and The Quran the substance alcohol is forbidden completely in all forms, no matter the application or form.

Intoxicants are to be avoided according to The Quran:

O you who believe, intoxicants, and gambling, and sacraments, and games of chance are foul tools used by the devil. You shall avoid him so that you may be successful. [5:90]

For example, the substance alcohol does have useful properties (e.g. it is used in medicine, food production) and can be used for these purposes:

They ask you about intoxicants and gambling. Say: In both of them there is a great harm and some profit/benefits for men, but their harm is greater than their profit/benefits... [2:219]

From the fruits of the palm trees and the grapes you make wine as well as a good provision. In that is a sign for a people who reason. [16:67]

Thus, the substance alcohol is not banned, but it is intoxication that is to be avoided. Interestingly, the above verse provides a powerful message to reflect on, i.e. we can use something in a positive way or in a negative way, which one will we choose?

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