Misconception: Woman/Eve created from the rib of Man/adam

This is a Biblical reference [see Genesis 2:21-22]. The story told in The Quran is very different, as both male and female were created from one soul, not one before the other:

He is the One who created you from one soul, and He made from it its mate to reside with... [4:1, 7:189]

Creation of mankind is further discussed in the following verses [3:59, 6:2, 6:133, 11:61, 15:26, 22:5, 21:30, 23:12, 24:45, 29:19-20, 32:7-8, 37:11, 55:14, 71:14, 76:1, 76:28]. The sequence of events partly resembles an evolutionary process, but with God as the initiator and sustainer, with mankind being given unique qualities at a point in time when ready.

Also, in the story of adam/mankind in The Quran it assigns equal blame for their downfall [7:20-21], unlike The Bible which states Eve sinned first [see Genesis 3:6, 1 Timothy 2:13–14, 2 Corinthians 11:3]. However there is no concept of 'Original Sin' in The Quran "...no bearer of burdens shall be made to bear another's burden..." [see 6:164, 17:15, 35:18, 39:7, 53:38], i.e. a person is born sinless/pure.

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