Misconception: Dogs are not allowed to be kept by Muslims

Background: Some think that Muslims are not allowed to keep dogs, because they are considered unclean or are banned in Islam.

In the early part of chapter 18 of The Quran it narrates a story about the people of the cave who were righteous and had a dog, who slept close to them at the cave entrance [18:18].

Furthermore, The Quran clearly states that believers are allowed to use trained hunting dogs and eat what they catch:

They ask you what was made lawful to them, say: “All the good things have been made lawful for you, and what the trained dogs and birds catch, you teach them from what God teaches you.” So eat from what they have captured for you and mention God’s name upon it, and be aware of God. God is quick in reckoning. [5:4]

However, in traditional narrations, attributed to prophet Muhammad and his companions but recorded by later generations, there is a mix of information about dogs, some positive but most of it negative, however there is no negativity about having a dog in The Quran. This is likely where the misconception results from.

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